Creative Therapies
Lucy Isherwood
07813 962313

What are Creative Therapies?

Creative therapies provide additional ways for you to explore and express thoughts and feelings, so instead of talking you might paint a picture of how you feel or write a poem.

The possibilities include:

Picture of a sandtray used during creative sessions
  • Art - drawing, painting, collage, 3D making and clay modelling.
  • Writing - letters, lists, poems, prose, dialogues, thought records, journaling.
  • Visualisation – using image-work or guided visualisation techniques.
  • Sandplay Therapy – this is a particular way of working creatively / symbolically – a variety of objects or miniatures are chosen from a collection and placed in a sand tray to symbolise feelings around a particular issue or theme. (See picture)
  • Movement and body awareness – you might physically express your feelings or a part of yourself.

Please note that these are options that are available to you – you will always have the choice to work in ways that feel right for you and will not have to do anything you don’t want to, you may just want to talk.

Why work creatively?

My experience of working creatively with people is that it can help you access your unconscious feelings, patterns and beliefs more easily and make sense of yourself and your challenges in a uniquely different way.

It is also a powerful way of connecting with a sense of the ‘transpersonal’ - i.e. experiences beyond our own personal identity which encompass wider aspects of humankind, our spiritual selves, the planet and the cosmos.